Routine from Airport to ECNU

  • Arriving at Hongqiao International Airport: (The distance is about 5.43 mi)

    By taxi (no transfer)

    It will cost about CNY ¥40 for the 30 minutes taxi drive from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport to East China Normal University (ECNU).

  • Arriving at Pudong International Airport: (The distance is about 31.63 mi)

    By taxi (no transfer)

    It will cost about CNY¥200 for 1 hour taxi drive from Pudong International Airport in the daytime and CNY¥250 at night to ECNU.

    By subway (transfer twice)

    First, take subway Line 2 (Identification Color: light green ) to Zhongshan Park station(中山公园地铁站). It takes about 60 minutes from Pudong International airport to Zhongshan Park station stop, with the fare CNY¥7. You will have to transfer from 4-carriage train to 8-carriage train at Guanglan Road station. Then, take a taxi to ECNU(华东师范大学). This will cost CNY¥14 for approximately 7 minutes taxi drive.

    Special Notes:

    1. You can take Shanghai Maglev Train (SMT) to Longyang Road station near the east end of Line 2.
    2. The east extention part of Subway Line 2 is running separately from the other part. Passengers from Pudong International airport will get off the 4-car metro train at Guanglan Road station and change to an 8-car train to go ahead.
    3. Pudong Airport station of Subway Line 2 is located between T1 and T2. Follow the sign to get to the right terminal.

    By subway + maglev (transfer twice)

    First, take the Shanghai Maglev Train to Longyang Road station. The maximum speed of Maglev Train can reach up to 430km/h. It takes only 8 minutes from the Pudong International airport to the termination stop (Longyang Road station), with the fare about CNY¥50. The price of favorable single trip ticket would be CNY¥40 for passengers who take airplane at the same day. Second, in Longyang Road station (龙阳路地铁站), please take subway line 2 to Zhongshan Park subway station(中山公园地铁站). It takes about 30 minutes from the Longyang Road station to Zhongshan Park station, with the fare about CNY¥4. Third, take a taxi to ECNU.


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