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青年学术论坛 - 代数几何和数论分论坛
Interpolation of Kato's elements
王善文 副教授(中国人民大学)
2021年5月5日10:00-11:00  闵行数学楼126室

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Using Kato's result on Iwasawa theory for modular form, Emerton's result on factorisation of completed cohomology and very fine properties of p-adic local Langlands correspondance, we show that the modular symbol (0,\infty) can produce an explicit element which interpolates Kato's elements in a suitable sense, which serves as a building block for our study of the factorisation of Beilinson-Kato's element. We remark that, for the existence of such an interpolation, Nakamura has a different approach. This talk is based on a joint work with Pierre Colmez.


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