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Restricted intersecting families on simplicial complex
王星炜 教授(南开大学)
2021年5月7日13:00-14:00  中北文附楼215腾讯会议ID:203 446 700

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Chv?tal??s conjecture on the intersecting family of the faces of the simplicial complex is a long-standing problem in combinatorics. Snevily gave an affirmative answer to this conjecture for near-cone complex. Woodroofe gave Erd?s-Ko-Rado type theorem for near-cone complex by using algebraic shift method. Motivated by these results, we concerned with the restricted intersecting family for the simplicial complex and gave an upper bound for the cardinality of the restricted intersecting family of the faces of the simplicial complex. Applying our theorems to certain simplicial complex, we can deduce the upper bounds for the cardinalities of the restricted intersecting families of the independent set of the graph, the set partition, the -separated sets and the King Arthur and his Knight Table.


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