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学术报告 - 数学物理方向
Lie point, nonlocal symmetry and their applications of nonlinear partial differential equations
任博 教授(浙江工业大学)
2021年5月7日13:00-14:00  闵行校区统计楼125室


The study of Lie point symmetry is considered to be one of most effective methods for finding invariant solutions. To obtain new solutions of partial differential equations, several extensions to local symmetry methods have been proposed. The nonlocal symmetries can be obtained by the algorithmic approach, inverse recursion operators, M?bious (conformal) invariant form, Darboux transformation, and B?cklund transformation. In this talk, the Lie point and nonlocal symmetry in partial differential equations will be briefly introduced. The interaction solutions among different nonlinear excitations are obtained by the localization of the nonlocal symmetry to the Lie point symmetry. Finally, some of their applications are given.


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